Gamers of the Universe what has been grow out from small community of players who gaming on a slightly different setup for games. Our community have been called in many names but now its time to move on with more neutral name. Everything comes and go so if you feel bad dont worry we dont forget good old time in past. We allways remeber and respect who has been giving his part to community and even showing a right track. Like real-life we had bad and good times but we all have learned from that and moved on. But lets remeber what has been bring us here… Having fun playing together! Our first Minecraft server opened in the April of 2012, it was a 20 slot Minecraft Bukkit 1.2.4. The crew have remained mostly the same with some coming and a few going. In 2016 we got our own dedicated server. And now we can run many game servers what offer fun for community. And in 2017 we got name change and lets hope for more fun in future! We have Teamspeak and Discord servers, You always welcome to join us, links are under contact info. If you are new, you are more than welcome to join us (don’t affraid, we dont bite) and have fun on any or all of our servers!

Madmeix (founder)